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Berryteuthis magister




average tube lenght: 18 cm
total body lenght: may exceed 61 cm
average tube weight: 123 g  /  average tentacle weight: 51 g


  1. tubes: glazed blocks 800x250x60 cm
  2. tentacles: glazed blocks 800x250x60 cm
  Two blocks packed into poly bags and sandwich bags


Family: Gonatidae
Latin name: Berryteuthis magister
Fishing Location:
 FAO 61 (mostly the Kuril Islands zone) North Kuril zone

Catching Season: June till December
Catching Method: trawl
Freezing Method: frozen at sea
Squid – tubes frozen in glazed blocks
Squid - tentacles frozen in glazed blocks
Skinless Squid tubes - interleaved frozen



Our parent company NBAMR is a leading producer of Komandor squid also known as the Commander Squid or Schoolmaster Gonate Squid (Latin Berryteuthis magister).

Areas of catch: Major catch is taken in the Kuril Islands zone. This species is characterized by a broad body, light to dark brown in colour. The wing-like fins at the rear of the body are large and can be as much as 50 percent of the mantle length. B. magister is known to have a mantle length of up to 25 cm, while total body length may exceed 61 cm. Females are slightly larger than males. In normal catch, average tube length is 18 cm, tube weight 123 g. Average tentacle weight is 51 g. 



The Commander squid is very tender, probably the tenderest of all squids, and very pleasant to the taste. It is very popular in Russia and Japan.

Nutrition (per 100g): Kcal - 100 , protein - 18 g , fat - 2.2 g, cholesterol 85 mg, fatty acids - 0,5 g.

Vitamins (per 100g): PP - 7.6 mg, E - 2.2 mg, C - 1.5 mg, B6 - 0,2 mg, B1 - 0,18 mg, B2 - 0,09 mg 

Link to WIKI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berryteuthis_magister 


tubes: - glazed blocks 800x250x60 cm (11 kg); 2 blocks packed into poly bags and ‘sandwich bags’

tentacles: - glazed blocks 800x250x60 cm (11 kg); 2 blocks packed into poly bags and ‘sandwich bags’