altOur company is oriented to work directly with fishing companies, in order to guarantee a sustainable supply and quality of raw fish to our customers. One of our main suppliers is NBAMR.

NBAMR is the largest fishing company in Russia with extensive experience in all areas of the Pacific Ocean – from Chukotka down to the New Zealand and from Primorsky Kray across to California. NBAMR’s major business activities are in harvesting and processing of sea fish. The company’s combined workforce is over 3000 people.

The company’s fleet works across the whole of the north-western Pacific Ocean waters and annually catches around 150,000 tonnes of fish and seafood. Thirty percent of this amount is caught in the Primorsky Region.

NBAMR with its half a century of history and unique experience is today one of the few 


Russian producers of frozen fish fillets and minced fish meat certified for export to the European Union. Freshly caught fish is processed on board fishing vessels at sea.

NBAMR’s vessels catch fish and seafood all year round in the clean, environmentally safe waters of the Okhotsk Sea. All vessels are equipped with effective and environmentally safe fishing gear, up-to-date fish detection equipment, and advanced high-Strict supervision and quality control according to European standards and obligatory laboratory analysis of products in the company’s own certified laboratory ensures the high quality of single frozen fish and economies of scale on both the domestic market and the markets of Western Europe and the Asia Pacific Regions.

We are also working on initiated cooperation with other suppliers in order to offer a more comprehensive range of fish species and supplies of frozen products in which we specialize.

The HACCP system7 is applied to the processing of all kinds of products. In addition to automatic control, technologists constantly check product quality to ensure it complies with domestic Russian and European standards. Samples of each consignment are subjected to detailed microbiological analysis. 

Implementation of the system ensures the company's ability to provide consumers with top quality products.


The company has its own Quality Test Center accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation.

Commitment to our partners, adherence to strict product standards, quality and timely delivery have always been the cornerstones of the company’s operations.performance processing equipment.

PJSC NBAMR promotes socially responsible business dealings and strives to realize

• effective programs in ecology

• preservation and renewal of biological sea resource

• industrial safety and labour protection

• personnel development and human resources

• social support and security

• ongoing modernization of the social infrastructure.

Protection of health and the physical development of employees working for enterprises and subsidiaries, organizing recreational summer activities for their children, supporting retired pensioners and charity activities are the main social policy directions that have been actively implemented by NBAMR.