altFreshly caught fish is processed on board the fishing vessels at sea. Main products are pollock fillet and mince, headed and gutted fish, squid body and tentacles, pollock roe and milt. Fish offal is processed into fishmeal and industrial fish oil.

Special attention is paid to quality control and 


international quality standards.Production facilities use ecologically clean raw materials and use modern techniques and machinery.

Strict supervisory and production quality control is carried out on board trawlers according to European standards (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

The HACCP system is applied to the processing of all kinds of products. In addition to automatic control, technologists constantly check product quality to ensure it complies with domestic Russian and European standards. Samples of each consignment are subjected to detailed microbiological analysis. Implementation of the system ensures the company's ability to provide consumers with top quality products.

NBAMR specialists are always ready to answer customer's varying requests.

That is how weight differentiation in sorting  


out Pacific herring and Alaska pollock was installed, in order to meet needs of different consumer groups.

The company has its own Quality Test Center accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation. Its laboratories are equipped with advanced analytical instruments for testing fish, fish and food products, technological, edible, agricultural raw materials, and natural potable water used in seashore production.

These large fish processing companies and frozen fish distributors supply fresh, good quality products and operate on sustainable fishing principles.